How to make cannabis oil yourself?

Advanced techniques for making cannabis oil preparations.

If you are making cannabis oil yourself to treat any of the medical conditions that we have detailed in this article, have selected a good-quality strain, and have carefully followed the instructions given, then your oil should be of sufficient quality to treat the most serious of conditions. This section is designed to help those who wish to learn more advanced techniques for making cannabis oil preparations.

Tips on How to Make Your Hemp Oil Better

Once you have decided on the cannabinoid profile you require, for example, either a high THC or CBD content, and have grown, then processed your selected strain of plants into oil, then the next step in standardizing the medication you are producing is to have your oil laboratory-tested to give you an analysis of the cannabinoid content. When you know the specific percentages of cannabinoids contained in your oil you can accurately calculate the dosage of any medical preparations you make. This is useful when producing capsules and suppositories and allows you to produce medications of varying strengths. This is particularly important when treating children and the elderly as you can moderate the dosage required. There are many companies who will test your oil and the cost is dependent on the method you require them to use. There are three types of tests a laboratory can carry out; however, only HPLC will identify how successful your decarboxylation has been and identify phytocannabinoids, GC is not accurate enough.