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The Department of Public Health has a policy which prioritizes funding organizations that engage in “harm reduction.” What is your position on harm reduction? And what would you do as supervisor of District 6 to ensure that harm reduction-based policies continue to be enacted and actualized?

Anna Conda: “Harm reduction is all the things mentioned in this questions plus housing and better access to social and medical services. It should also include help for people coming out of jails…. [We should] create funding for Safe Injection Sites and… Continue Reading →

What steps would you take to improve the lives of the homeless in San Francisco?

Anna Conda:“SRO quality of life must be regulated to ensure clean safe housing with services on site, and landlords who constantly abuse their positions will get three strikes before that building is assumed by the city and leased to a… Continue Reading →

We formed the Drug Users’ Union because drug users are underrepresented experts on issues of drug user health and safety. What would you do to ensure drug users’ voices are heard in relevant policy arenas?

Anna Conda: “There is often a stigma or need to change the behaviors of users and I find this attitude counterproductive to the real needs of people who are using. I would try to continue to focus on issues surrounding peoples’ needs, and not ways to change them.”

Drug Users’ Voting Guide to District

On November 2, we will vote for a new supervisor to represent SOMA, the Tenderloin and parts of the Mission. We need a candidate who is going to fight for the health and safety of drug users, and who isn’t afraid to look for new solutions here Researchems.net.

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