The stage of the appearance of cannabis roots

As soon as your cannabis plants have developed roots, they are ready for the vegetative growing process. Indoor crops are generally left in the vegetative stage for between two weeks to a month before flowering is induced by switching the light cycle.
During the vegetative growth stage, it is advisable to either pinch out the main growing tip or train the plants to produce a compact, higher-yielding crop. Lower branches that receive less light and will only produce sparse buds should also be removed. When the growing tip is removed from the cannabis plant’s main stem two more shoots will grow from the nodes beneath the cut and this also encourages more growth on the lower branches. Super-cropping is similar to pinching out the main growing tips, but the tip is not removed. This allows the main cola or bud to continue to grow. Crush the innermost part of the main stem below the main cola with your index finger and thumb, ensuring you don’t damage the hard outer layer of the stem. This should be done no more than once a week. Crushing this inner part of the stem causes it to become thicker and lower branches increase their growth. Similar results can be achieved by bending the main stem or tying it down. Mesh can be stretched horizontally over the crop and the tops bent to grow beneath it; in this way, you increase the light the buds receive. Outdoor gardeners should also employ these training techniques to keep their plants short and bushy.

How best to choose a pot for cannabis

As a general rule, you will require one gallon of pot size per foot of plant. Outdoor growers require a minimum of five gallons but most indoor grows will be fine with a three-gallon pot. Starting in smaller pots and transplanting as your indoor garden develops is recommended for several reasons. Most importantly you maximize the use of space and light available, but repotting also helps prevent plants from becoming root-bound, whilst also providing a fresh boost of nutrients and pH buffering.