Anna Conda:
“SRO quality of life must be regulated to ensure clean safe housing with services on site, and landlords who constantly abuse their positions will get three strikes before that building is assumed by the city and leased to a reputable company for management… [we also need more] public toilets, day centers, benches.”

James Keys: “My position is to take people living in SROs and move them into apartments…. We must have ‘wrap-around’ services available to ensure that people have the resources available in the SRO to be able to transition to a new apartment.”

Jane Kim:“We must provide… a more transparent process on how to access housing. I support another affordable housing bond measure… I also think we need to provide essential services and resources to the homeless population, such as efficient case management, valued social workers, mental health services, access to clinics etc, to ensure that people are getting the help they need.”

Jim Meko: “I believe we need to work on helping our homeless into housing rather than just setting up more shelters.”

Debra Walker: “I’ve worked hard for years on campaigns to expand affordable housing, protect rent control, prevent evictions, and improve conditions in SROs, which are often peoples’ last housing before becoming homeless.”

Elaine Zamora:“Discourage the application of the label “homeless” to every unpleasant activity occurring or observed… we need to revamp the shelter system, taking into consideration suggestions of the shelter users, homeless advocates, neighborhood businesses and residents.”