Medicinal Cannabis Growing

It is illegal to grow cannabis in most countries; however, the following information could save your life, and it is disgraceful that cancer sufferers have to choose between being a dead law-abiding citizen or a cancer-surviving criminal. The cost of cannabis available on the black market makes the treatment of many of the conditions that can be alleviated or cured through medical cannabis use prohibitively expensive for most patients, and cancer sufferers are particularly badly affected as they require at least a pound of high-quality cannabis buds to make an oil extraction. Furthermore, the quality of illicitly produced cannabis can vary considerably and as there is no such thing as quality control in illegal cannabis production, there is no guarantee that the product has not been contaminated with noxious pesticides or chemicals, nor that other substances have not been added to the crop. Adulterated cannabis known as “grit weed” can have anything from sand to silicon sprinkled onto the buds before harvest in an attempt to increase their weight.
To benefit from the plant’s medicinal properties, the only answer for many patients is to cultivate their crops.

Cultivating cannabis is a fairly straightforward process and only requires a basic understanding of the plant’s nutritional and environmental requirements. Cannabis is a hardy plant that grows in diverse and sometimes challenging environments, and it requires no specialist knowledge or equipment to produce enough high-quality buds to treat any of the conditions for which it is recommended.

The main aspects of growing cannabis

There is nothing complicated about growing cannabis. The advice we give here is geared toward producing enough dried cannabis to treat you, using simple techniques and readily available equipment. All cannabis plants, regardless of variety, have the same basic requirements:

Nutrients and pH in the correct balance.
Humidity and temperature within the correct range. Light of the correct spectrum.
Water at the correct temperature.
Air rich in carbon dioxide and well circulated.