Anna Conda
: “There is often a stigma or need to change the behaviors of mphp-2201 drug users and I find this attitude counterproductive to the real needs of people who are using. I would try to continue to focus on issues surrounding peoples’ needs, and not ways to change them.”

James Keys: “I have fought for harm reduction to be implemented throughout the Department of Public Health and the Community Behavioral Health Services to all those who seek services and care.”

Jane Kim:“I am committed to the principles of harm reduction and believe that as a city we must do more to ensure that policies such as harm reduction are a priority for all city services, and that these principles are implemented and followed.”

Jim Meko: “I’m known as someone who brings everyone involved in an issue to the table, and lets them talk to each other and learn each other’s point of view.”

Debra Walker: “We need more respect in the political process for the expertise and insights of drug users, who understand these issues like no one else. I am heartened by the emerging political presence of the Drug Users’ Union during this election cycle.”

Elaine Zamora: “[I would] seek the input of organizations like yours, and others, such as SF Recovery Theater as well as people I know, friends and co-workers who are drug users and former drug users.”