Anna Conda:
 “Harm reduction is all the things mentioned in this questions plus housing and better access to social and medical services. It should also include help for people coming out of jails…. [We should] create funding for Safe Injection Sites and champion the cause…. Safe Injection Sites are a major part of my campaign.”

James Keys: “I not only support Harm Reduction, I teach it…. Until drugs are legalized we must make people feel comfortable enough with their use of drug s to look at the underlying reasons that they use….We must continue to fund services so that health care can be delivered to low-income families with children and poor and homeless people.”

Jane Kim:“I believe that harm reduction strategies are vital for the future of our city. For far too long there has been too much of an emphasis placed on the criminalization of people for their drug usage. Overwhelmingly people of color are disproportionately arrested and convicted for drug usage, and this had lead to a prison system that is unsustainable and rooted in system failures that leads to state budget deficits which adversely affects our city and county.”

Debra Walker:“My position on medical intervention is simply that it must be evidence-based: if it works, it works. And harm reduction clearly is effective…. I believe strongly in the concept of harm reduction, and hope we can work together to explore and expand policies that offer non-judgmental support in the long and difficult process of overcoming and recovering from addiction, and preventing further harm to those who are unable or simply not ready to do so.”

Elaine Zamora:“I often see this definition skewed, often producing more harm than reducing it, especially to those who are on the periphery”