How best to choose cannabis seeds

High-quality cannabis seeds are readily available for purchase on the Internet; however, it makes good sense to have them delivered to an address where no cultivation will take place. Many companies state that they will not ship seeds to the U.S. We have a selection of medical seeds on our website and our supplier ships worldwide, including to the U.S. When germinating regular cannabis seeds you will get a fairly consistent mix of 50% male and 50% female plants. Many medical growers, who have no access to female cuttings from a known, established, and reliable source, start their crop with feminized seeds. These seeds are 100% female but produced by a process that used to be referred to as “hermaphroditic breeding.” Although feminized seeds are a good way to start an all-female garden, it still takes longer to produce a crop than if you were starting with cuttings taken from a mother plant. It is not advisable to use a plant grown from feminized seeds as a mother plant, and the breeders producing these seeds privately acknowledge this. They are not interested in breeding genetically stable plants that can provide regular cuttings because they want growers to continue purchasing their feminized seeds. Selecting a mother plant from regular seeds of known variety and genetics is far better. The mother does not have to be grown from seed; you can take clones from a clone without any problems.

Best tips for germinating cannabis seeds

Many growers germinate seeds by simply planting them into their chosen medium and ensuring they are kept warm and moist. This works well using fine-seed compost. Others like to germinate their seeds on saturated tissue paper placed into a shallow dish, but by far the best method is to soak the seeds in a glass of water. After a couple of days, the seed casings will split and you will see a root emerging. Remove the seeds and place them into small pots containing fine seed compost. “Damping off” is a fungal infection that attacks the base of the plant stem, killing young seedlings. Give seedlings the best possible start by cleaning all your equipment thoroughly before starting your crop; a dilute 5% bleach solution will kill any fungal spores. Low light levels, low temperatures, high humidity, and waterlogged compost all contribute to damping off and should be avoided.